Privacy Policy


  1. Our website and your right to privacy
  2. Your personal information
  3. How we use your information
  4. The security of your information
  5. Children’s right to privacy
  6. Making alterations to your information
  7. Contacting us

Our website and your right to privacy

We care about your right to privacy. As such we always make sure that if you choose to share any details about yourself with us, we hold those details as securely as is possible. You are encouraged to read the remainder of this policy to find out how this process works.

Your personal information

You may sometimes find that you are requested to enter your details on the website. This can happen in order to allow you access to certain sections of it. When this happens you will not have to enter any more information than is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, it won’t be shared with any other person while it is under our care. It doesn’t matter where you live or what information you need to give us; this rule applies regardless.

How we use your information

We will never do anything to put the security of your personal data in danger. If you should give us any portion of your information at any stage – your email address, as an example – we would not use that email address or contact you there unless you had told us beforehand that we could do so. And if you do want to receive emails from us, we will stop sending them immediately should you change your mind and let us know.

The security of your information

We always do everything we can to make sure your information is safe with us. To this end we ensure that all our computers, software and hardware are secure at all times, and we use only the best in anti-virus and similar measures. We do this to ensure that no one else can gain unauthorised access to your data.

Children’s right to privacy

No page or amount of information on this site is intended for the attention of children. We will not ask for any information from any child of any age, and have never done so in the past, nor will in the future.

Making alterations to your information

You may find that there comes a time when the information you hold with us is no longer correct. If this is the case you are welcome to either phone or send an email, and we will make sure this is put right. If you find you have log in information for our site or any specific section of it, these must be kept secret. If you share them with anyone else it could result in unauthorized and/or unwanted access.

Contacting us

You are always most welcome to get in touch with us at any time. This applies regardless of the nature of your comments. If you should have an issue with either the information on our site or your use of it, we shall do everything in our power to ensure that the problem is solved as fast as possible. All you need to do is to get in touch with us by using our email address or phone number.