Should You Try a Different Car Park at Manchester Airport?

Jan 12, 06:27 AM

Many people tend to be creatures of habit. Once we have tried something once and we are happy with it, we’ll tend to keep on doing it. This same rule applies to airport parking as well, no matter whether you are travelling from Manchester Airport or somewhere else instead. If you usually use a particular car park and you have never had any problems with it before, you will typically keep on going back to the same one over and over again.

But let’s think about a situation that could well crop up eventually, if you travel frequently from Manchester. Suppose you go to book your usual parking space and you find there are no spaces available at that car park for the dates you want it for. It could be a late booking or you may just have been unlucky. What do you do now?

Clearly you will have to choose another service, but to do so after having gone through the motions with your favourite Manchester Airport car park for so long will indeed feel strange. Try and remember what made you choose the original car park when you first booked it. Was there a particular reason you chose it? Perhaps it had been awarded the Park Mark? Maybe it was close to the terminal or was the easiest one to find? Whatever the case may be, see if you can find another Manchester Airport car park that would best fit your needs in the same way.

You will probably want to stick with the same type of service if you can. For example you might want to continue with Park and Ride, or you might prefer to stick with Meet and Greet if that is the service you are familiar with. This will narrow down your search options and enable you to come up with some good possibilities with other parking companies.

Needless to say the sooner you can book your parking at Manchester Airport, the more likely it is that you will be able to book with your favourite parking company all the time. But sometimes a late booking might be unavoidable and this is exactly when you need to be more flexible. You should be able to get a parking space somewhere, but you should be prepared to be somewhere other than where you would normally park.