Manchester Airport

Many people don’t realise that Manchester Airport is one of the biggest airports in the UK. Apart from the obvious London airports, this is the biggest one you could visit.

And as such, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are plenty of places you can reach when you take off from one of its two runways…

Manchester Airport Map

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What destinations are on offer with a flight out of Manchester Airport?

Within the UK you can reach many other desirable destinations when you hop on a flight from Manchester Airport. Fancy a holiday in Newquay in Cornwall? Not a problem. And of course you can also fly direct to the major London airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick.

Europe is also just a short plane ride away, so if you fancy a trip to Salzburg in Austria or Copenhagen in Denmark, then you can book tickets to travel from Manchester Airport with no problems at all.

Of course, you can also travel much further afield. There are flights heading out to popular holiday spots in Egypt, Greece, Gibraltar, Portugal and Turkey, to name just a few.

And while some UK airports focus more on Europe, you won’t have any problem catching a flight into various spots in America or Canada either. So no matter where you want to go on holiday this year or next, you can be sure that Manchester Airport can get you there.

What can you expect from Manchester Airport?

Most major airports recognise the fact that you could be waiting around for a while before you actually board your flight, and Manchester Airport is no exception.

There are a wide range of places to grab a bite to eat in all areas of the airport. So it doesn’t matter if you get peckish before or after you have checked in and gone through the security area – you’ll easily find something somewhere!

There are the obvious additions such as Burger King, for example, although not all facilities are available in all terminals. But there is also a range of bars and restaurants that you will find very appealing. A few examples include Delice de France, the Real Food Company and even a restaurant called Giraffe!

Of course, shopping can be just as important to some travellers. Alpha Airport Shopping and Boots both have branches in all three terminals, so you will be able to visit them regardless of where you are travelling to. Other shops are only located in one terminal, such as the Attitude fashion store which is in Terminal 1 only.

In short, it doesn’t matter what you forgot in your rush to get packed and get to the airport – you will no doubt find just the store to fill those last minute needs. There are also a couple of locations where you can change up your travel money if you don’t already have it. In short, Manchester Airport is geared up to serve your every need, whether you are travelling yourself or meeting someone on their trip back home.

Some historical facts about Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport started life back in 1934 as the germ of an idea. But it wasn’t until 1938 that a brand new airport, which was then called Ringway, was opened for business.

As with many airports, it started off with just one terminal building. It now has three, and each one has its own role by focusing on flights to specific parts of the world.

The main runway at Manchester Airport began its long life in 1941. Since then it has had sections added to it to increase its length so it could accommodate more aircraft landings. A second runway was built at the airport and opened in 2001.

In conclusion

Manchester Airport has decades of experience in serving millions of passengers heading to all kinds of destinations. It is frequently used by both business passengers and those heading off on holiday, and as such there are plenty of facilities available to meet all their needs.

Their website is also very efficient and easy to navigate, with a good site map and all the information you could need. You can use this to see which terminal you will need too, if you aren’t too sure.

And since you can also see Concorde at Manchester Airport, you might even want to pay a visit even if you aren’t flying out of the airport yourself! This is truly one of the best airports in the country and it knows just what you need to enjoy a simple and efficient visit.