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The name may ring a bell but the website may not be somewhere that you have visited before. However once you are there you will see that it is designed in the colour the company takes its name from. And it is also very easy to find what you need.

Once you know what your travel dates are, you can immediately see which of the car parks they offer have spaces available for you to book.

General information about Purple Parking

The website you will need is at www.purpleparking.com. From there you will see the Manchester Airport link on the left of the page, and clicking on this takes you to the area of the website that is going to be of use to you.

This company has been established for some time now, so you can expect to get a nice range of services that you can choose from. They are experienced in helping travellers find the car parking facility that suits them best, so why not give them a go?

Purple Parking at Manchester Airport

Once you are in the Manchester Airport page itself, you have two choices. You can either type in your travel details if you have them to see which car parks you could go for, or you can click on the tiny link at the bottom of the page. You might miss it if you don’t know that it’s there, but if you see it you will know that it takes you into a page which shows you all the options. Bear in mind though that depending on availability you might not be able to choose from all of them.

So firstly there is the Airparks Gold Meet and Greet service. This enables you to drive right up to the terminal building and be met by a member of their staff. They will then park your car while you get on with the rest of your onward journey. You make specific arrangements on where and when to meet them when you make your booking.

There is also the Chauffeur Meet and Greet parking option. This works the same way as the above option; the only difference is that it is a different company offering the service.

Next up is the Meet and Greet Undercover service. Once again this works like a standard Meet and Greet service, but your car will be safely stored in an underground car park to keep it out of the weather while you are gone.

Airparks also offer a Gold Park and Ride service, which is cheaper than the Meet and Greet option. The car park is outside the airport, but only a few minutes away by free bus transfer.

There is also another Park and Ride service offered by Airparks which operates out of a different car park location. You will still need to get a transfer bus for this service, and one thing to note is that the shortest allowable stay is five days.

APH also offers a Park and Ride service at Manchester Airport. It takes some five minutes to get the free bus service from your car to the airport itself with this option. Another possibility is the Airparks Park and Ride service in yet another location; this one has a fifteen minute transfer time.

The Manchester Self Park and Ride service allows you to park your car yourself rather than a member of staff doing it for you. This should be cheaper than most other services, and once again a transfer bus takes you the rest of the way.

Finally there is a Budget Park and Ride service, offering another car park situated outside the Manchester Airport boundary.

What types of facilities are offered by Purple Parking?

As you would expect, all the car parks have excellent security features, but be sure to compare them before you make your booking. This will ensure you can see which ones have won awards for their security measures.

Is there anything to be aware of when you are making a booking?

Don’t forget that you can become a Purple Parking member in order to get even better prices. This can result in knocking a few more pounds off your price – and it is free to join as well.

In conclusion

Purple Parking certainly has plenty of options when you are looking for a space at Manchester Airport. So the next time you are flying from there, be sure to visit this site to book your car parking space first.