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Some airport parking companies you will probably have heard of. But ParkBCP probably doesn’t fall into that category. However, you will certainly be impressed by the number of facilities they have available at a wide range of car parks in and around Manchester Airport.

General information about ParkBCP

The company itself is based in Kent, and their website is available at There is actually very little information available on the company as far as the website is concerned, but you can see from the way the site is put together that they have plenty on offer.

They also offer parking at more than just airports, so this is definitely a site worth bearing in mind for the future.

ParkBCP at Manchester Airport

Once you click on the airport parking option in the menu given, you will see a link to Manchester Airport parking specifically. And as you will soon see, there are plenty of choices available for you.

Four of these are offered by another company called Airparks. The Manchester Airparks option is just a short way away from the airport itself, and a transfer bus will get you there easily. The Airparks Gold service operates out of a different location and once again offers a free bus to transport you to the airport.

The Airparks Gold Meet and Greet service is ideal if you want to be as fast as possible; one of their drivers will meet you when you arrive at the terminal and take your car for you.

Finally there is the Airparks Handforth Dean Parking option. This has a twenty minute transfer time between the car park and the airport itself.

So those are the Airparks options. In addition to those, there are the three multi storey car parks in the airport itself. There is one for each terminal. The advantage of these is that you don’t have to use a transfer bus to complete your journey.

The penultimate choice is the Manchester Airport Premier Park. Once again this is located within the confines of the airport, which automatically gives you a much faster transfer between the time you park and the time you reach the terminal you need. The bus you need to catch is free and it takes around five to ten minutes depending on the amount of traffic within the airport.

Finally there is the Manchester Airport Shuttle Park. This is a good rival to the previous service mentioned because it offers a ten minute transfer service, so it doesn’t take too long. The defining feature is that it is not on airport grounds. Instead it is just outside them, meaning the charges for parking are automatically going to be cheaper than parking within the airport itself. So if you want to keep your costs to a minimum but still be as close to the airport as possible, make sure you consider this one.

What types of facilities are offered by ParkBCP?

Many of the car parking facilities offered on the site make mention of awards. There are two main awards for security levels in car parks like these, and they are not awarded unless there is very good reason to do so.

You will notice that if the car park you are reading about has won an award, it will be stated under the security section for that particular service.

Is there anything to be aware of when you are making a booking?

In order to see which car parks are available for your particular requirements, you will need to fill in the quotation section of the website. This takes just a few moments, and requires you to select your destination airport and relevant dates and times.

Each result that appears has a few pertinent facts included next to it, along with the total price that would be chargeable for that service. This allows you to compare all the options quite easily on just the one screen – and you can go into each one for more information should you need to.

In conclusion

So there you are – ParkBCP does indeed offer a wealth of options for anyone wanting to leave their car at Manchester Airport while they head off on holiday or business.

The main thing to remember is to check what each individual car park’s requirements are. They may all seem the same on the surface, but the rules that are in force for each one can differ, so make sure you check carefully so you don’t get any surprises on the day.