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This really is one of the brightest and breezy looking websites to do with holiday travel and parking out there today. And what’s more, they have also taken a lot of trouble to make sure you have all the additional information you could need.

Not everyone has used airport parking before or knows how it works, so if you fall into this category make sure you take a proper look round the website first.

General information about Holiday Extras

First of all, you will find this company at their website, You don’t need to search to find out what is available at Manchester Airport either; once you are on the airport parking page there is a drop down box that allows you to select the airport you need.

This simple overview of the services on offer at this location makes it very easy to figure out what ones to look out for when you actually search the available spaces for any given date. You can narrow it down before you even start!

Holiday Extras at Manchester Airport

So let’s take a closer look at what you can get when you are booking a space at Manchester Airport.

First off there is the Airparks service, known as Handforth Dean. This is a cheap service but it is efficient and is based outside the airport itself. There is a fifteen minute transfer time, so it will still have you there in plenty of time to catch your flight.

The Airparks Gold service is so called because it is just about as close to the airport as you can get without actually parking inside it! Once again you will get a transfer bus here.

The Manchester Shuttle Park is your third choice; this is another competitively priced option and it is less than two miles from the airport. The Securapark car park is about the same distance away and also offers a fast bus ride to complete the journey once you have parked your car.

Your next possibility is the Manchester Premier Park service. This is very close by and the journey takes just a few minutes to get you from car park to airport.

Your final choices if you want to park your own car are the multi storey short stay options. These are fantastic if you won’t be there too long, and you’ll find one car park for each terminal. You are undercover too, so you’re fully protected against the elements!

And finally there is the Airparks Gold Meet and Greet service. This is a delightful chance to drive up and park exactly where you want to – right outside the terminal building! Of course, you can’t stay there; a driver will be waiting for you and they will park your car while you move on.

What types of facilities are offered by Holiday Extras?

Many of the car parks at Manchester Airport are award winners. The security measures taken by all of them are extremely good, but the best ones have indeed won awards for everything that they do.

This should help to settle your mind if you are wondering how secure your car will be, especially if you are leaving it for a couple of weeks. The main thing is to look at the various specific services that are on offer with each car park; some have different security options to others, so be sure you are happy with what is on offer.

Is there anything to be aware of when you are making a booking?

Once you have selected the car parking service you would ideally like to use, you can search for availability for that service only. All you need to do is click on the title of the car park and fill in the boxes in the form that will appear on the next screen.

From there, as long as you are happy, all you need to do is click on the book now prompt and the rest is done for you. It really is simple to book with Holiday Extras, and you can rest assured that the transaction is totally safe too. You will see the left hand side of your address bar turn green when you are on the secure server, so double check for that.

In conclusion

If you need a parking space at Manchester Airport, Holiday Extras can undoubtedly get one for you. They have a wealth of experience and options available – all you need to do is make your choice and pay online.