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This is clearly a well established organisation that strives to offer all kinds of parking facilities at all the major airports across the UK. Manchester Airport is just one of the airports that it has services on offer at, and you will find there is a good range of options available to you.

General information about Flightline

The website itself can be viewed at www.flightline.co.uk. From there you will see the big parking link along the top of the page, which gives you more general information on what you should expect from parking at major airports.

If you scroll right to the bottom of the page you will see that this company is based in Westcliff on Sea. But their services stretch across the whole country, and this is what makes their website well worth taking a closer look at.

Flightline at Manchester Airport

So how many car parks can you expect to choose from when you use Flightline to book your parking space at Manchester Airport?

Well the number of choices you have will depend on what is available at the time. The website is designed so that you need to enter your information to find out what car parks have spaces when you need to park. But when we entered some sample information we discovered that there were eight options available to us.

Firstly there is the Airparks Handforth Dean option. This is easily the cheapest and it requires a bus transfer to the airport terminal. There is also the Airparks Gold service, which is closer at just under a mile from the terminal building.

Next up is the Shuttle Park, which is located about a mile and a half away, once again requiring a transfer bus to help you navigate the distance. If you want to go right up to the terminal doors however, you should opt for the Airparks Gold Meet and Greet option, which means that someone else will take over your car and park it on your behalf.

You then have your selection of three car parks which are within the airport boundary itself. These are all multi storey car parks and there is one for each terminal at the airport, so be sure that you select the correct one depending on where you need to be.

Finally there is another Meet and Greet option, which is offered by a different company. This one is run by Securapark, and it means you can enjoy all the perks of getting someone else to park your car. It will be held securely away from the airport until you are ready to come back and collect it.

What types of facilities are offered by Flightline?

Some of the car parks are good enough to have been awarded one of the security prizes that are given only to those who warrant it. But whichever car park you opt for you will find that there are plenty of security measures being used to ensure that all the cars are kept safe from harm at all times.

Typical things you can expect to see are floodlighting, CCTV and security guards. But do check the details for each car park on the website if you want to find out exactly what each one has in store if you park there.

Is there anything to be aware of when you are making a booking?

If you look at the more information link for each result you have on your screen, you will see that you can expand the information. This makes it easy to compare basic details about each option you have open to you.

For example, among the items listed there you will find the distance that the car park is situated from the terminal building itself, if applicable. This gives you an idea as to how long the transfer time in the shuttle bus will be. It enables you to plan your journey times better and you can also see whether a nearer car park would offer better value for money.

In conclusion

Flightline isn’t a new company by any standards. That should give you additional confidence when it comes to making use of the services that they offer on their website.

The main thing to remember is to double check all the information they give you before making your booking. There is a facility whereby you can read all the detailed information about each car park in a pop up box, so ensure you make good use of it.