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Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this website, because it does indeed offer plenty of choice when it comes to grabbing a car parking space at Manchester Airport.

All you need to do is click on that little option which says ‘parking’ in the top right hand corner of the home page, and you are away…

General information about Airport Taxis

You will notice that as soon as you click on the link mentioned above, you will be taken into a different website, which is The original website address for the main company is

The car parking quotation system is actually the one by Essential Travel, so either way you know you are in good hands here. And you will be amazed by the number of car parks they can offer you!

Airport Taxis at Manchester Airport

Let’s begin with the Autostrong Park and Fly option. This car park is situated some five miles away from the airport, but it provides a quick transfer service via bus.

Next we have the APH Manchester service, which is slightly closer at three miles away. The transfer bus journey is therefore slightly faster in reaching the terminal. MIA Park and Ride is next, with a courtesy bus ride which takes just four minutes to cover the journey from your car park to the terminal you require.

The Budget Airport Parking option is also situated outside the airport, and it offers a transfer time of around a quarter of an hour.

Next we have a couple of Meet and Greet services – run respectively by Global and MIA. They both offer the chance to drive to your terminal and have someone else park your vehicle on your behalf.

The APH Manchester Indoor option is exactly what it says; you have the opportunity to park your car undercover for the duration of the time you are away. This offers an extra degree of security and protection from the inclement weather.

Next up is another Meet and Greet option, this time run by Meteor. Again, this is perfect if you don’t like jumping on a courtesy bus.

If you want to be closer to the airport itself but you don’t want to pay for the Meet and Greet option, make sure you opt for the Premier Parking long term car park. You will still need to hop on a courtesy bus, but seeing as it is just a few minutes away and inside the airport perimeter, you won’t be kept waiting for long.

The multi storey car park for Terminal 2 is a short stay option that is ideal if you aren’t heading off on holiday. There are also separate car parks for each of the other two terminals, and you won’t have to negotiate the fun of transfer buses at all, since you only have a short walk to complete.

Finally we have just two more options. Firstly there is the Airparks Handforth Dean car park, which is five miles away and runs a courtesy bus to take you the whole journey. And finally there is the Airparks Gold option, which is just half a mile outside the airport and provides a short trip on a courtesy bus to complete the journey.

What types of facilities are offered by Airport Taxis?

All the car parks are very good and many of them have won the Park Mark award. This is given for outstanding security measures, so if you see this you know your car will be in good hands.

Is there anything to be aware of when you are making a booking?

You can save your quotation if you search for car parking facilities but you aren’t quite ready to actually go ahead and book something. Simply look for the button which says ‘save quote’; it is at the top right hand corner of the list of results as they appear.

You can see extra details in a pop up box for each car park result if you wish. And you can also look at a map which expands and then disappears as and when you need it to. All this makes the results page very user friendly and extremely easy to use.

In conclusion

Once you know what to expect from this site, you will see that it gives you an overwhelming number of possibilities. One thing is certain – if you want the best choice of car parking spaces at Manchester Airport, you won’t be disappointed by using Airport Taxis to get you to where you want to be.