Welcome To Manchester

Manchester is one of the most vibrant places in the whole of the UK. What’s more, it is located right in the middle so people from many different areas find it extremely easy to visit and see what it has to offer!

Some cities have histories that can be traced back for centuries, but that isn’t the case with Manchester. It has been inhabited for centuries, this much is true, but it had to wait for the 18 th century to reach us before it started to come to life. And it finally evolved into a fully fledged city in the century following on from that.

But like all good cities it now has plenty to offer, no matter what you love to do. So make sure you book some quality time there to explore!

What places are there to visit in Manchester?

For starters, make sure you visit Bridgewater Hall. You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment during a visit, but be sure you book tickets in advance. From jazz to pop and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed by making the effort to see a show here.

Despite the fact that Manchester isn’t very old compared to many cities, it still has its fair share of architecture to enjoy and appreciate. Take the Manchester Town Hall, for example. This was built in 1877, and it has weathered over a century of changes in the city. Look out for the John Rylands Library too, which dates from around the same time.

But perhaps one of the most thrilling places you could visit is the Museum of Science and Industry. If you want an in depth look back into the past, when Manchester led the industrial revolution, then this is the place to go to find out what really happened and when.

What can you get up to in Manchester?

For some people, there is nothing better than to stay outdoors and take a stroll round the city streets to see how the place buzzes. And there is no better place to do just that than in the Fine Food Market.

If you love your food you will certainly love the vibrant and bustling nature of the place, which provides a wonderful insight into what to expect from local food. And yes, you can enjoy a quick bite or two – or several – as you walk round!

Chinatown is also a joy to walk through, particularly at night. And of course there are plenty of places to eat there too.

You should also ensure you don’t miss the Hidden Gem. It might come as a surprise to know that this is actually a church, but it is a truly beautiful one and it attracts people of all denominations and beliefs. It’s near the Manchester Town Hall, but be sure to ask for directions as it really does live up to its affectionate nickname.

Delightful places to eat in Manchester

As with all cities you can expect a real cornucopia of foodie delights when you arrive in Manchester. From a quick bite for lunch to a full dinner spread over several hours in the evening, you will definitely find what you want.

The Palmiro is one such example of great cuisine in this stunning city. There are so many dishes on this constantly changing menu that you could take some time deciding what to order.

The Atlas Bar is another possibility; it’s situated in Deansgate and has huge front windows stretching out onto the street. Look out for the red brick façade too!

And if it’s an evening out in every respect that you’re after, try Lime. This consistently gets great reviews for the food, the service and the drinks – and there is a nightclub for later on in the evening if you don’t want an early night.

In conclusion

Manchester is chock full of delights and potential for everyone who pays a visit. You can look back in time with a visit to the museums, or stay firmly in the present time by visiting all the great markets and shops that are available.

And there are the unusual additions too, such as the Urbis Museum. This modern glass structure houses plenty of exhibitions and much more besides to give you another insight into what Manchester has to offer.

So no matter what your own interests are, you’re bound to enjoy the time you spend in Manchester. From a couple of hours during the day to a whole weekend or more, make sure you make the most of it!